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Daylin’s Op-Eds

Letter to the Editor: “We Need to Keep these Legislators”

Columnist John Grogan has written many columns on the recently passed governmental pay raise. Much in those columns has been inaccurate, misleading and downright demagogic. However, if Mr. Grogan wants to dedicate the rest of his journalistic career to complaining about other people’s periodic pay raises (not his own, which he apparently doesn’t mind as much) then that is his business. However, his recently column entitled “We Need to Keep these Legislators” crossed the line in my view, and I felt compelled to respond.

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Redistricting Reform

As a Pennsylvania legislator, I am keenly aware of how desperately we need political reform. Pennsylvania has no campaign finance limits, no lobbyist disclosure law, no automatic calendar to assure that all legislators with good ideas can get a vote on their bills. However, as important as all these issues are, they pale in comparison to the most important political reform we need.

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