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HARRISBURG – October 30, 2019 − State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) today announced $2,849,000 in state funding to be used to mitigate traffic congestion at the intersection of West Chester Pike (PA Route 3) and Interstate 476 and Lawrence Road.

“The residents of Haverford Township and nearby municipalities have had to deal with overburdened roadways for far too long,” Leach said. “After hearing from Haverford Township Commissioners, my staff and I brought together a diverse group of community stakeholders to identify both short-term and long-term improvements to address this ongoing problem. It’s so great to see our community come together, not just to identify a problem, but to fix it too.”

The funding, which was officially approved on Friday by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, comes from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) and will be implemented through PennDOT. The purpose of the CMAQ program is to fund transportation projects or programs that will improve air quality and relieve congestion

A traffic study conducted in 2015 determined that traffic traveling on PA 3 through the I-476 interchange area routinely reached close to 6,500 vehicles during the peak commuting hours on weekday mornings. With further commercial development being slated for that area, the problem is expected to increase, further straining an already overcrowded highway infrastructure.

Community members began meeting in April of 2018 with hopes of determining a solution to the ongoing traffic concerns. The result of that meeting was a report prepared by Haverford Township’s Engineer, Dave Pennoni of Pennoni Associates, Inc., with suggestions and potential designs that would lead to improvements. In March of 2019, stakeholders reconvened to discuss the design. It was unanimously decided to pursue funding through the CMAQ program, as the project perfectly aligns with the goals of the program.

In addition to Leach and his staff, meetings included:

  • Haverford Township Commissioners Dan Siegel, Steve D’Emilio and Mario Oliva
  • Haverford Township’s Police Department
  • Haverford Township’s Engineer, Dave Pennoni of Pennoni Associates, Inc.
  • PennDOT
  • Delaware County Planning Department
  • Marple Township
  • State Senator Tim Kearney and State Representatives Greg Vitali, Jen O’Mara and Mike Zabel
  • Former State Senator Tom McGarrigle and former State Representatives Jamie Santora and Alexander Charlton

“This grant will finally address the single biggest traffic problem plaguing the Township – Blue-Route-related congestion that clogs every major road in Haverford,” Haverford Township Commissioner Dan Siegel said. “I look forward to the day when traffic entering the Blue Route moves far more smoothly. This grant is the result of the efforts of many people and entities, including PennDOT, Sen. Leach, Reps. Vitali, Santora and Zabel, and the entire Township staff, the Board of Commissioners and Township Engineer, all of whom deserve our thanks.”

“This grant will provide the resources needed to finally address the horrendous traffic problems plaguing all of our residents, the effects of which are more pronounced in the first and fourth Wards due to the close proximity to the primary cause of the extreme traffic congestion – the Blue Route ingress and egress points on West Chester Pike,” Haverford Township Commissioner Steve D’Emilio said. “There is much work that remains, but this critical step removes the financial barrier so we can finally proceed with implementing a long-term solution to relieve the burden this puts on our residents every single day. Many thanks to State Senator Daylin Leach, former State Representative Jamie Santora, State Representative Mike Zabel, and all of our Township staff all of whom worked tirelessly to address this problem. Truly a team effort, and given the political rhetoric these days, an excellent example of how a non-partisan approach to problem solving yields results for our residents.”

Leach’s office worked to obtain letters of support from state officials, local municipalities, organizations and businesses in favor of the grant application.

You can learn more about the CMAQ program here.

Senator Daylin Leach represents the 17th Senatorial District, which includes parts of Montgomery County and Delaware County. For more information visit www.senatorleach.com/newsroom.


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