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15 Ways You Can Help

Mr. RogersSeveral people have reached out to my office asking for ways that they can help their community during this unprecedented time.

Here’s a list of 15 Ways You Can Help.


  2. With schools and businesses closed, food pantries have seen a significant increase in demand for food assistance. You can help your local food pantry by making a monetary donation or donating nonperishable food items and supplies so that they can continue serving our neighbors in need. If you’re looking for a different way to help, call your local food pantry to ask if you can be of assistance. They may need help packing or distributing food. A list of food pantries currently serving our community (and which may be in need of assistance) can be found on our Coronavirus Resource Guide under the “Food Access” tab.

  3. There’s currently an ongoing critical need for blood donations as uncertainties remain during this coronavirus pandemicBlood shortages could impact patients who need surgery, victims of car accidents and other emergencies, or patients fighting cancer. One of the most important things healthy community members can do is make an appointment to donate blood. Click here to find a local blood drive.

  4. Senator Daylin LeachLocal healthcare providers are in need of additional supplies. Some hospitals have even started creating wish lists of supplies they need. If you have extra facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizer, or other items offering people on the front line some protection, call your local healthcare provider or hospital to arrange your donation. Any organization that would like to donate personal protective equipment can email with information. For those residents and organizations in Delaware County that would like to donate medical supplies and equipment, or in-kind donations, call 1.800.253.3102 or email

  5. Social isolation also has been linked to several adverse health effects. Call your elderly neighbor or loved one, or a single friend, to provide them some comfort.

  6. If you are going to a store or pharmacy (which we don’t recommend unless you have to), ask your neighbor if you can grab something for them while you’re out.

  7. Small businesses are struggling to remain viable right now. Please consider purchasing a gift card or membership from your favorite restaurant or place of entertainment (such as the local zoo, theatre company, bookstore, etc.)

  8. Start a local tip jar like they did in Pittsburgh to help your favorite restaurant staff.

  9. If you’re a landlord, reduce your rent or be flexible with payments.

  10. If you have people who come to your home on a regular basis, such as cleaners or babysitters, and can afford to do so, consider paying them for a few weeks in advance to be 'redeemed' later. These people unfortunately cannot get Unemployment Compensation and every little bit can help them. The same can be done for hairdressers, etc. 

  11. Meals on Wheels has expressed a need for more delivery drivers. Reach out to your local Meals on Wheels location if you’re interested in helping.

  12. When making online purchases, remember using Amazon Smile helps support nonprofits.

  13. If you are able, please consider donating to your local animal shelter or offer to foster an animal. These difficult times have left many shelters short of crucial volunteers. For example, you can support Finding Shelter Animal Rescue by sending their animals the gift of food, supplies and toys via their Amazon Wishlist.

  14. Limit the spread of coronavirus by voting this Election Day from the safety of your home with a mail-in ballot.

  15. Still not sure how you can help?  RSVP of Montgomery County and Covaid are two local organizations helping to connect volunteers with people and organizations in need.


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