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A Note From Daylin

There’s no denying that the last few months have been scary. So many of us have been faced with personal and economic challenges that seem like nightmares, and lately too often it feels like the world has been turned upside down. I want to take a minute to thank all of YOU though. These have been difficult times but it’s because of YOUR effort and YOUR commitment to staying at home that we’ve been able to make so much progress. We have to continue to successfully flatten this curve and it is YOUR resilience throughout this crisis that will be what helps us do that.

Despite my office being physically closed, my staff and I have been working harder than ever to assist our constituents. To date, there have been more than 1.7 million Pennsylvanians that have filed for regular unemployment compensation, and an additional 136,000 have filed for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Regretfully, our system was not equipped for the demand that we’re seeing and my constituents have experienced a myriad of issues related to filing their claims. My office is always here to help - we have legislative liaisons with whom we work to resolve these matters. If you or someone you know is still having problems, please contact us at or 610.768.4200. Mail-in Voting

As a reminder, Pennsylvania has postponed the Primary Election date to June 2. I’ve been urging all Pennsylvania voters to vote in the safety of their own homes by voting by mail. You can apply to receive your mail-in ballot by going to and filling out a form or you can contact my office and we will gladly mail you a paper application. Voters have until May 26 to apply.

Please consider reading the rest of our e-newsletter for more updates, upcoming events and other helpful info. I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe. We will all get through this together.


Green Amendment Facebook Live Interview | TODAY at 6:00 p.m.

Facebook Live Interview with Maya Van Rossum

Join us for a Facebook Live interview between Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach and Green Amendments For The Generations founder, Maya K. van Rossum to learn how Green Amendments are being used to fight fracking and other environmental threats in Pennsylvania.

Watch the live interview here.

...or just head to State Sen. Daylin Leach's Facebook Page or the Green Amendments For The Generations Facebook Page for more information.

PCCY Montgomery County Teen Town Hall

Friday, May 15th: Teen Town Hall – Montgomery County

I’m looking forward to joining Congresswoman Madeleine Dean along with other state lawmakers from Montco on Friday, May 15 to hear from Montgomery County students experiencing firsthand the impact of COVID-19 on their education. Parents and students interested in registering for the event can do so at the link below.

The Latest News

Gov. Wolf to Pennsylvania: We Must Stay the Course, We Must Follow the Law
The Office of Governor Wolf
Governor Tom Wolf today reminded Pennsylvanians that the state’s actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 are working and that we must stay the course and follow the law or there will be negative consequences.

Gov. Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro Announce Protections from Foreclosures and Evictions Through July 10
Office of Governor Wolf
Governor Tom Wolf was joined by Attorney General Josh Shapiro today to announce that he signed an executive order that protects Pennsylvanians from foreclosures or evictions through July 10. The action builds on a Pennsylvania Supreme Court order which closed court eviction proceedings until May 11 and ensures no renter or homeowner will be removed from their home for 60 more days.

PA Schools Expected to Reopen In Fall In Some Form, State Education Secretary Says
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
State Education Secretary Pedro A. Rivera said Monday that he expects schools to reopen in the fall, but the process will be informed by guidance from health officials.

PA Child Care Centers Try To Adjust To Pandemic Guidelines
“Kids are going to be kids. There are things that are going to be unavoidable. The parents have to understand that too. We can't force the kids not to play with each other."

Nursing Homes At Epicenter Of Crisis; Bills Call for Safety Protocols as Deaths Mount
The Times Herald
While state lawmakers are introducing bills calling for safety protocols in nursing homes and personal care homes, the number of COVID-19-related deaths at these facilities continues to rise at a far greater rate than the general population.

Delaware County Moves Ahead With Plans For County Health Department
Daily Times
Delaware County Council took another move in the direction of establishing its own health department. At their regular council meeting, council voted unanimously to hire Gorenflo Counsulting Inc. for an amount not to exceed $44,978 to assist in creating a strategic plan to set up a health department. Delaware County is already in the midst of a Johns Hopkins University analysis by that university's Bloomberg School of Public Health to evaluate health delivery and access here.

Montgomery County Businesses Get $5 Million In Coronavirus Relief
The Patch
Montgomery County businesses have received $5 million more in financial relief as the coronavirus outbreak and associated closures continue to wreak havoc on the local economy.

King Of Prussia Mall Planning For A Radically Different Reopening
The Patch
As certain coronavirus mitigation measures are lifted around Pennsylvania, some businesses are reopening their doors. But they'll be opening their doors to a murky, post-pandemic future — one that is unlikely to resemble the world before the outbreak began.

Workers In Pennsylvania With Preexisting Health Conditions Fear A Call To Return To Work
As two dozen Pennsylvania counties begin to reopen, bringing many people out of their homes and back into the workplace for the first time in weeks, those living with a wide range of preexisting health conditions are scared they won’t be protected.

As States Rush To Reopen, Scientists Fear A Coronavirus Comeback
New York Times
Officials are under pressure to restart the economy, but many states are moving too quickly, researchers say. The costs may be measured in lost lives.

Quarantine Fatigue Is Real
The Atlantic
Instead of an all-or-nothing approach to risk prevention, Americans need a manual on how to have a life in a pandemic.

Another Week Of No School? These Smart, Fun Live Streams For Kids Will Help You Muddle Through.
Philadelphia Inquirer
These surreal days of staying at home have lowered the bar for accomplishments. Ate breakfast? Check. Got dressed? Kind of. Took a walk? Impressed. Did half your homework? Wow. Suddenly, watching funny animal videos counts as educational.

Appeal Process for Certain UC Claimants

Appeal Process for Certain UC Claimants

The Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) is advising that anyone who receives a denial of their unemployment compensation (UC) claim after the time for appeal has expired and believes the denial was incorrect, may still file an appeal.

Due to the historic 1.7 million new UC claims received over the past seven weeks, L&I experienced some previously announced mailing delays involving some Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). As a result, some UC claimants and their employers may have received their notice of determination letters near the end of a listed appeal period or after it had already expired.

Typically, claimants or employers may file an appeal within 15 calendar days of the mailing date to a UC Appeals Referee and a hearing will be scheduled. Because of the special circumstances involved in this situation, the Appeals Referees will take the mailing delay into account when deciding the timeliness of an appeal.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all UC appeal hearings are being conducted by telephone. When an appeals hearing is scheduled, all parties will be notified of the date and time of the hearing by mail and/or email with at least seven days’ notice. To learn more about filing a UC Service Center determination appeal, click here.

Individuals who received outdated determination letters should still follow the general appeal instructions provided in the letter. Appeals may be filed by email at  Helpful benefit appeal FAQs are also available for UC claimants.

Emergency Assistance Program Available

Emergency Assistance Program Available

Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) has been announced to help low-income families who lost wages experiencing financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Families who qualify will be eligible for a one-time payment to assist them in meeting basic needs and help them secure a more stable financial footing in the future.

The program will use existing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds to provide support to low-income families who qualify. The program will be open to families with a child under the age of 18 or a woman who is currently pregnant. In order to qualify, families must have at least one person in the household who was employed as of March 11, 2020, and experienced an hour or wage reduction of at least 50 percent for two weeks or more or lost employment entirely due to the public health crisis.

Families must meet income limits of 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and have no more than $1,000 in a savings or checking account.

Household Size Monthly Income Limit Annual Income Limit
1 $1,595 $19,140
2 $2,155 $25,860
3 $2,715 $32,580
4 $3,275 $39,300
5 $3,835 $46,020
6 $4,395 $52,740
7 $4,955 $59,460
8 $5,515 $66,180
9 $6,075 $72,900
10 $6,635 $79,620
Each Additional Person $560 $6,720

Qualifying families will be issued a one-time grant equal to two months of TANF benefits. The average monthly TANF grant for a family of three is $403, so a qualifying family of three would receive a one-time grant of $806 through the program. Information on monthly grants by household size and county is available online here. Funds will be issued through an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card.

The emergency assistance application is available online at Families should be prepared to submit all necessary documentation with their application to expedite processing and avoid having to apply again. Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, May 11 through June 12 or until all funds are expended.

New Tools for PUA Applicants

PUA Benefits The File for PUA webpage has been updated with information so that PUA claimants have an opportunity to prepare and familiarize themselves with what the system will be asking in advance.

You can refer to the PUA System Guide, or go to one of these two helpful screenshot guides to help you through the process:

To access more PUA information and the PUA system, go to

In addition, they have now posted PUA FAQs to help you get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions; however, if you have specific PUA claim concerns or needs assistance with their PUA account or information, please email  Note: This email address is only for PUA questions and emails not related to PUA will not get a response.

Voter Registration Deadline is Less than a week away

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