Unsung Heroes

All around us are heroes. They are your family members, friends and co-workers. Senator Leach invites you to honor the extraordinary deeds of ordinary citizens by nominating someone you know as an Unsung Hero of the 17th District. Every month we will feature a nominee on our website. Nominate an a local hero here who’s making positive changes in your world.

Dr. Avis R. McGhee
McGhee_113pxThe latest winner of my Unsung Hero Award is Dr. Avis Renee McGhee. I selected Avis because she embodies the ideals that make our country great. She values education, works hard, and respects others. Her work at the Norristown Family House is literally changing lives — and our entire community is better for it. Congratulations Avis!

The Calliope Joy Foundation
The Calliope Joy Foundation was founded in 2013 with the goal of raising awareness aboutrare and orphan neurologic diseases in children and funding programs related to research and care. Calliope Joy Carr’s parents, Pat Carr and Maria Kefalas, launched the foundation after Cal’s diagnosis at age 2 with late-infant onset metachromatic leukodystrophy: a rare, degenerative and incurable neurologic disease.

Meridith McKee & Her 1st Grade Reading Class
A few weeks ago, we got several impassioned letters from an unlikely group of very concerned constituents. They were worried about the impact of climate change on the polar bears and the disappearing bees. They wanted me to know they were in danger and wanted my help to save them.

Reverend Helen M.C. Jones
Rev. M.C. is energetic in her leadership, dedication and commitment, actions and life that exemplify her beliefs. She Established “flashLIGHT Interfaith Network Ministry” in 1993 which provides women the opportunity to discussion and learn from their life issues through the Word of God.


Brian Akamine Brian Akamine
Brian is someone dedicated to his community and serves sacrificially without need for recognition. His life has its challenges making ends meet, while working multiple jobs to support his family he tirelessly stays committed to helping those less fortunate.

Matt Frangiosa
Matt has continually supported his community by way of volunteering for many organizations such as Big Brother/Big Sisters and is founder of Feel The Warmth organization.

LeRoy James Watters
Jim works for the good of everyone. He cares about storm drains, teaches kids about the trash in them, what that trash does to the wildlife, recycling, bullying.
Lt. Col. Ken Marx
How this all started was Lt. Col. Ken Marx, a local resident, serving in Afghanistan, told us that one of the stresses of combat tours is to see so many poor and needy and to have nothing to offer them.

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