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Daylin’s Op-Eds

Here’s why I voted against the budget

By State Senator Daylin Leach We passed the budget Thursday, two days before our constitutionally mandated deadline. All budgets are a mixed bag. We spend too much on some things, not enough on others, while other line items are just right. Each negotiation results in...

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Terminally Ill Pennsylvanians have a right to death with dignity

Op-ed by State Senator Daylin Leach

Anyone who follows the news knows that we, as a society, frequently debate where personal autonomy ends and where the state’s right to intervene begins. Whether the issue is who we marry, what books we read, what substances we consume, when we reproduce, the question is the same: do we decide, or does the government?

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Get Rid of the Religious Exemption for Vaccines

By State Senator Daylin Leach I have always been a civil-libertarian. I generally believe that people should be free to make their own decisions about how they live their lives, what books they read, who they marry and what they do with their bodies. However, in my...

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Leach: We need to repair Pennsylvania’s broken criminal justice system

By State Senator Daylin Leach D-17th District

As we prepare to begin a new legislative session, most lawmakers are deciding what they plan to focus on and crafting bills to reflect those priorities. This year I will be working on issues such as income-inequality, reducing food waste, election reform and ending prohibition on cannabis. However, I will also be revisiting criminal-justice reform, an issue I’ve focused on for a long time.

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Here’s what Pa. is doing to fight human trafficking

By Daylin Leach, Shea Rhodes and Sarah Robinson This Monday, Jan. 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. We would like to take this opportunity to update the public on Pennsylvania's fight to eliminate this horrific crime. The enslavement of people for the...

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Stand up to the NRA, pass commonsense gun-control

By State Senator Daylin Leach D-17th District It seems that now, in the immediate wake of the latest domestic mass shooting, which occurred in the immediate wake of the one before that, is a propitious time to offer a few thoughts on the ever-recurring gun control...

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Here’s why Gov. Wolf made the right call on Syrian refugees

By State Senator Daylin Leach Recently Governor Wolf courageously and admirably said that refugees from Syria would be welcome in Pennsylvania. At the same time, the governors of 26 other states announced that they wanted to block Syrian refuges from settling in their...

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Rich or poor – everyone should have fair access to bail

By State Senator Daylin Leach The amount of money we have has a big effect on the kind of life we can lead. Obviously, rich people have greater access than poor people to luxury cars, penthouse condos, and last-minute helicopter trips. I’m fine with that reality of...

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Campaign-Finance System is Broken

With the resignation and pending guilty plea of former state Treasurer Rob McCord on charges of extortion, the public must understand the problem caused by our current campaign-finance system.

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Here’s Why We Need to Kill the Death Penalty

In a piece that appeared on PennLive on Jan. 6, Maureen Faulkner criticized both Governor-Elect Tom Wolf and me for our opposition to the death penalty.

Ms. Faulkner is the widow of the police officer who was murdered by Mumia Abu-Jamal, and as such, has unique standing to comment on this important issue of public policy.

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What I Learned about Legal Marijuana in Denver

By State Senator Daylin Leach This past week, I, and three members of my legislative staff flew to Denver, Colorado to see for ourselves what the complete legalization of cannabis looks like. Given the polls, what other states are doing, and the arc of history, it...

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A Minimum Wage Hike is Long Past Eue

Recently on PennLive, National Federation of Independent Businesses (“NFIB”) Executive State Director Kevin Shivers wrote an op-Ed opposing an increase in the minimum wage. He claimed that such an increase will “cost jobs,” and thus “it isn’t time” to raise the wage. There are several major flaws with Mr. Shivers’ argument.

First, in claiming that increasing the minimum wage will cost jobs, Mr. Shivers cites a “new report” by the “NFIB Research Foundation.”

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Fear of a Word

Garrett Brann is about to turn 3 years old. He has a form of epilepsy, known as "Dravet Syndrome," which is robbing him of his childhood, a normal life, and so much more. The disease manifests itself primarily in almost constant seizures. Garrett routinely has more...

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GMO Labeling Legislation Would Allow Consumers to Choose

By State Senator Daylin Leach Recently, I introduced legislation that would require food manufacturers to disclose on the labels of their products if those products contained organisms that had been genetically modified. I did so because the American people have...

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Time to Legalize Marijuana

By State Senator Daylin Leach This past November, the people of Washington State and Colorado voted to fully legalize marijuana. Other places, including California, have had de facto legalization for some time. This week, I will introduce legislation which would have...

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By State Senator Daylin Leach When you go to a doctor, there are times your malady is obvious. Elephantitis, or a goiter shaped like guitar come to mind. However, other times the cause of your symptoms is more elusive and mysterious. For example, if you have been in...

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Speaker Smith’s Lawsuit on 2001 District Lines is Frivolous

KING OF PRUSSIA, Jan. 31, 2012 – Speaker of the House Sam Smith and his Republican colleagues have frequently spoken about the need to end “frivolous lawsuits.” However, this disdain for meritless litigation apparently does not extend to Smith’s attempt to rescue his party’s ability to gerrymander legislative districts.

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