Pigeon Shoots in the 1883 Annual Report of the Women’s Branch of the PA SPCA

Pennsylvania citizens, activists, and elected officials have been working for years to ban a barbaric, inhumane activity called a “pigeon shoot.” The most recent proposal to ban pigeon shoots was House Bill 1750. This bill passed the Senate on October 15th by a vote of 36-12 and had overwhelming support in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, the House failed to vote on the bill by October 20th, the chamber’s final voting day of the 2013-2014 session.

Among the groups fighting for the ban is the Women’s Humane Society, formerly known as the Women’s Branch of the PA SPCA. The group’s 1883 Annual Report shows us just how long this fight has been going on, and just how isolated Pennsylvania has become:

“We were not so successful in obtaining other legislation which we earnestly desired. We had introduced, also, by the Hon. Alexander H. Morgan, into the House of Representatives a bill prohibiting the shooting of pigeons and other birds for sport, but it was defeated upon the third reading. This was a great disappointment to us, particularly as at the same time a similar bill passed the legislature of the State of Maine; but we must bide our time, and wait until public opinion has become more enlightened in this commonwealth.”

View the PDF file here and visit the Women’s Humane Society.